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#AskaboutMeToo at the November 20th debates in Atlanta scheduled for 

Nov 20,2019

We want to hear candidates address steps to ending sexual violence as an epidemic during the debates.

We want all presidential candidates to layout specific plans to address domestic and sexual violence, including harassment,law reform and supporting survivors.Two years ago, we raised our voices in the name of courage and accountability. 19 million of us showed up for ourselves and showed up for each other, and we’re not turning back. We believe that healing is a form of action, and taking action helps us to heal. We continue to call on political leaders to demonstrate their commitment to survivors by putting forth solid policy proposals that will aid in survivor’s healing, provide necessary services and benefits, and expand the laws to ensure that they cover all survivors- no matter what kind of sexual violence they have experienced, where they have experienced it, by who or when. Sign the petition via the botton below.

Dream2life Foundation

Podcast discussion with celebrity stylist and founder of Dreams2life, Ryan Christopher. Listen and learn how to participate in his innovate strategy for empowering community famalies.

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Upcoming topic: Finding solutions for issues affecting our communities