We Can Create Change!

 Domestic violence is one of the leading causes of death for Black women who are less likely to report incidents or seek assistance. Our mission is to strategically empower broken women in poverty stricken communities thus strengthening their families and rebuilding the communities. Despite the fact that a high percentage of Black women raise their children without assistance from the fathers and must function without regard for stressors that can be attributed to them having the nations highest rates of diabetes,hypertension/stroke,obesity, heart disease and other health maladies, they also disproportionately experience abuse in their homes,schools,on the job and in their neighborhoods more than their counterparts. Black women represent 8% of the population yet face high rates of intimate partner violence,childhood abuse,sexual assault and homicide. Often times victims subsequently end up in the criminal justice system after surviving abuse,subjected to racial profiling, police brutality, and incarcerated at rates that far exceed  their minority percentile.  


Healing Families and Helping Communties

A holistic approach to rebuilding minority communities

  • Our collaborative partnerships with local businesses and other non profit organizations have helped provide us with support and resources that are structured to assist minority women and their children in the process of healing, skill training and personal growth. This family unit development process helps to ensure less dysfunction and disrupts family dynamic stressors that have the propensity to cause the cycle of poverty to continue 



Our Boys To Men program is directed  by male mentors